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What we can not miss in # REALEMF19

The XVII Edition of a congress full of unpublished codes and great figures arrives

The return of elBulli.

At MadridFusión 2011, Ferran Adrià announced the closure of elBulli. After 8 years he returns to detail in world premiere the reopening of this legendary enclave of Cala Montjoi

Guest cities

Budapest: Árpád Györffy: bistro haute cuisine at the luxurious Brasserie & Bar Kollazs at the Four Seasons hotel. Eszter Palágyi (Costes Restaurant): one of the most outstanding female voices of the current Central European cuisine. The Hungarian pantry in advanced recipes. Both, in complicity with the presitigioso hungarian shaker Zoltan Nagy and the sommelier Sarolta Bárdos.

Copenhagen: Nicolai Norregaard works at his restaurant Kadeau, located on the small Baltic island of Bornholm. The terruño and the season deprive in their meditated vegetal kitchen. Kristian Baumann: an advanced talent of the Noma empire. Naturalist, sustainable and daring cuisine whose dishes in the restauranre 108 gratify in audacity.

San Francisco: (gastronomic epicenter of the new environmental trends in the United States). Kyle & Katina Connaugton: Native American cuisine inspired by Japan, with products from the organic farm that supplies its Single Thread Farm restaurant. Dominique Crenn: a cook in constant evolution, who tells stories and manages to reconnect her guests with nature. Best cook in the world according to 50 Best. Anthony Myint: Co-founder of the NGO ZeroFoodprint. From his restaurant The Perennial he works to eliminate the carbon footprint and reduce the environmental impact in kitchens around the world.

Haute cuisine is committed

NO to waste: Oriol Reull (To Good To Go)

NO to the carbon footprint: Anthony Mint (NGO ZeroFoodprint)

NO to the tide of plastic: Juan Parés (Textil Santanderina)

NO to caloric imbalances: Lourdes Villalba and Fernando Sánchez (Buchinger); Forum Hernández (Seedo)

Technique and product: the evolution that does not stop

Macarena de Castro: unpublished binomials of orchard and port

Quique Dacosta: the taste of beauty, a journey into the interior of your own kitchen.

Najat Kaanache: colors of the new Moroccan cuisine

Ana Ros: a table in the field

Ricard Camarena: when the cook listens to the product.

Mario Sandoval: vinification of food.

Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch: natural and induced textures

Riccardo Camanini: The pastasciutta, vanguard and sensitivity

Ángel León: forget all you know about salt

Kristian Bauman: a menu without rules

Elena de Lucas: mountain flours, mushrooms, pineapples and pine nuts

Andoni Aduriz: Mugaritz, escape points

Rodrigo de la Calle: vegan haute cuisine

Richie Lin: oriental balance

Joan Roca: beyond vacuum cooking.

Elena Arzak: collagens, fish and sauces

The future of business in the hotel industry: digitalization, new platforms, big data, artificial intelligence, keys to the new management, caterings and profitability

Eneko Atxa & Xabi Uribe-Etxebarria: The best farmers, the network of the best producers

Dabiz Muñoz, Albert Adrià and Andoni Aduriz: creativity and artificial intelligence

Josep Roca: the room, thought and sensitivity

Jesús Pombo: the big data and the current business of restaurants

David Rubert: The account please, keys of the new management

Lourdes Muñoz and Dani García: Catering, without limits, without distances

Without pantry there is no kitchen

Jesús Segura: Healthy and gluten-free cuisine

Mitsuharo Tsumura, Erlantz Gorostiza and Omar Malpartida: the potato route to Europe, from Peru to Tenerife

Begoña Rodrigo: the river kitchen

Ekaitz Apraiz and Nazario Cano: secrets of bluefin tuna

José Abraham and Davidoff Lugo: the cheese of Flor and the last transhumant

Emmanuelle Barón & Alberto Ferruz: natural gelatins and marine collagens

Mari Carmen Vélez: Seafood preparation techniques

Carmelo Bosque and Javier Acedo: truffles, true and false

Sweet universe

Ricard Camarena: desserts of healthy and light restaurants

Jordi Butrón: from salty to sweet through vegetables

Dominique Crenn & Juan Contreras: the sweet world of Atelier Crenn

Martin Ducout: from the showcase of the bakeries, to the table of the restaurants

The trace of history

Vicky Hayward and Kiko Moya: modernity of the monacal cuisine of Juan Altamiras

Andreu Genestra and Tomeu Arbona: Memory of Jewish cuisine in Mallorca

And also ... contests, truffle auction, workshops, thematic demonstrations, chef awards and revelation pastry chef, chef of the year award ...

Taste Spain

During the three days of the congress, different activities will be carried out to promote gastronomic tourism. On Monday, January 28 a large workshop to publicize the products of each territory. In addition, on the 29th and 30th, tastings of tapas and wines from the different destinationsintegrated in Saborea Spain.

Enofusión IX edition of the International Wine Congress

Presentations about wine, prestige tastings, technical conferences, tasting spaces and presentation of novelties by wineries, appellations of origin and brands.

Within TopWineSpain, a space curated by Carlos Delgado, journalist and wine critic of the newspaper El País, will gather the largest and most representative sample of the best white and red wines in Spain. Master wines made by the most renowned wineries in our country, selected based on the quality of the wines and their international prestige.

The third day of Enofusión will take place the Enovisión Forum where under the title of "Vinomanía, test to the wine in the hotel trade", professionals of the sector will explain cases of success and new formulas of business to enhance the wine within the gastronomic context.

#Enotendencias the exhibition area, which it will run throughout the three - day meeting will feature dedicated to new elaborations, regions and varietals by re- discover wines intended for letters or wine glasses in line with the movement spaces " slow ", among others.

The Drinks Show

The liquid vanguard through the senses. An unmissable event about cocktails, spirits and premium mixers.

Publicado: 16 01 2019
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What we can not miss in # REALEMF19
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